Anyone try bina…

Anyone try binaural beats? It’s such a weird experience but it really works! I tried the astral projection one and I could have sworn I almost felt it… or maybe I overdosed on omega 3’s or something… :/ If you’ve had an experience, I want to know!


  1. I’ve tried them before! I actually have some on hand to help me sleep, or help me with meditation, etc. I tried an astral projection one a few times — if anything, it’s amazing to help you relax. Your whole body goes all tingly, and it feels like you aren’t your body at all, just that you’re wearing it like a coat or something and the real you is down deep inside.

    It only worked for me once, though, and only for a few seconds. I realized I could see my bookshelf to the side of my bed, even though I was facing the ceiling with my eyes closed! Once I realized what was happening I got sucked back in. Booo.

    Haven’t tried it since, though.

    But yeah, they’re great for meditation, or to clear your head. 😀


    1. WOAH! That’s awesome Courtney! Does the tingly feeling feel like sweat on your skin or like goosebumps? A serious set of headphones really do the trick… What kind do you use? Also, does it matter if you’re in the dark? I know you tried it once but I was curious… 😛 I’m like stoked to have someone to talk to about it!
      I was trying the astral projection one and I had this weird sensation of my legs moving away from my body and I got so freaked that I jerked awake. I had such a headache afterwards. But it was bizarre! Since then, I’m kind of warming up with the pure waves to start off so I can get used to that.


  2. What are binaural beats? I don’t think I have heard of them though it sounds like something I would have found in my mom’s old book and gift store. I have however had a similar experience to what you guys described as astral projection. Though I’m not sure if it is quite the same. Sometimes I have these experiences where just as I’m drifting off to sleep I get a tingling feeling all over my body that feels like electricity running through my body just under my skin. I remember the first time it happened it felt like my soul was being pulled out of my body. Every time it happens I freak out and try to wake up but I can’t move and can’t talk. When ever I have these experiences it has always been when I was sleeping on my back. What do you guys think? Is this like what you are talking about or should it be classified as something different?


      1. One time I think I started to travel without knowing it and only became aware of it when I heard someone breathe into my ear. I woke up totally freaked out, certain that someone had been next to my bed. Then, as I laid there and thought about it I realized that it had to have been me that I heard. That was a bizarre experience.
        Now that I think about it, whenever something interesting has happened to me that I would qualify as traveling I didn’t have the tingly feeling. Maybe there are smooth transitions and rough ones.
        I have two other stories too. I think the last being the most interesting.
        The first happened when my mom had her last hip replacement a few years ago. In this case I am certain my mom traveled. The night after her surgery I dreamed that she briefly came to see me but it was different from other dreams. It felt different and there was no background to the dream, just black but my mom was clearly visible. She came into my dream as if just to say hi, she smiled, put her finger to her lips and said shhh, and then left. Without her saying anything I knew that she was off visiting as many places as she could, doing all the things she hadn’t been able to do before the surgery while she was in pain, and probably being a rascal while she did it. I have asked my mom about that time and she definitely feels like she traveled though she doesn’t remember what she did or where she went.
        The second story happened shortly after my dog Alfy died. I know it sounds silly but I went through this period of wanting to know where Alfy (his spirit) had gone after he died. Really I just wanted to know that he was ok. So one night as I was laying in bed with my light on (I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night) I must have drifted off. I’m not sure how to explain it other than I dreamed that I was at the dog park. Alfy came down a trail with a man who was in his late twenties, early thirties, brown hair, red t-shirt, and jeans. There were also two people, one on each side of me, that I never saw but I knew they were there. We all met on that path and although I don’t remember any of the words we exchanged, I know that we seriously discussed where Afly was going and who he would be with. I think we may have also made some sort of plans. Mostly though, what I remember about the conversation that we had was that it was heavy, a lot was said, and even now I remember the meaning behind it. I woke up after everything had been discussed and I was satisfied with all that had happened. The strange thing was that it didn’t feel like a dream and it didn’t feel like I had been asleep. If there is a place between sleep and a dream that’s what it was like. Because it wasn’t sleep and it wasn’t a dream but I think I must have been unconscious. So strange to explain. I’ve never experienced anything like it since but I know that it wasn’t a dream.
        Does any of this sound like things you have heard of or experienced yourself?


      2. All I can say is, ‘holy cow’! Nothing close… I rarely dream so that’s out of the question but I hope I get such experiences in the future! Keep going girl! ❤


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