21 Days

Tripped Out
Tripped Out

It started with me crying about missing my parents. Next thing I knew, me and my roomy were on a road trip to north Cali. From busy LA to the quiet and serene house on a hill. From local restaurants to mom’s home-cooked food. It was three blissful days.

I come back to LA and left for Las Vegas the next morning, squeezing in time to plan and work. Vegas trip 1 was all about introducing a friend to the wonders of Vegas: night life, hotels, endless buffets, casinos and incredible architecture. I returned from Vegas wiped out. The static and heat of Vegas can do anyone in. But I didn’t have time to rest.

I had to shoot for two days. Chaos of artistic endeavor followed to favorable results. This was followed by a ten-hour good-bye to my bestie. She was going on vacation.

Las Vegas called again and I answered. I found myself driving there the day after my shoot ended with another set of visitors. Vegas trip 2 consisted of a 1000+ feet drop from the Stratosphere, awesome rides, the eau show, The Mac King show, insane sight seeing and a failed trip to a slot machine.

Then I came back to LA to welcome friends from NorCal. Disney, Universal, Hollywood, beaches, museums… The works… I think it’s safe to say that at this point, I have re-visited every tourist spot in my city for the nth time.

At this point, I believe my love-hate feelings for Vegas surpasses those of the Hangover guys.

At this point, I believe that you can have too much of a good thing. Especially Vegas.

At this point, I believe I can fly! [Sorry I couldn’t resist…shout-out to R Kelly…;P]

But boy did I miss blogging beyond belief! It’s insane how writing what I think or feel has become such a large part of my routine and identity. So, I’m happy to be back!

P.S. Remember my survivor iPhone? Yea, the 200-feet fall finally registered. I didn’t bury it. My iPhone that lived and died a warrior’s death (right in time for my upgrade) will stay with me, a beacon of strength…

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