Don't be scaredBeing an extraordinarily social creature, it is rare when I find myself alone. When I do, either I sigh with relief or shake with fear. Sometimes being alone can be beyond scary. What if I don’t like the company?

I remember reading, as a kid, that the devil speaks to the occupation-less. I took that pretty seriously. I don’t remember the last time that I just sat and let time pass without being occupied with something or another. I never tried to be still, worried about the evils I may find in my head.

Then I read an Autobiography of a Yogi. Swami Yoganada says that the way to becoming your true being is through breathing and letting things be. Being quiet with your thoughts.


Boy, the wise of the world are conflicted!



I guess I can start with walking alone as Mr. Mayer suggested and take it from there 😛

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