A Li’l Jazz, Some Awkwardness and Alotta Mid 90’s


Yesterday, I went to Vibrato’s Grill Jazz. It’s a lil gem of a restaurant hidden away on the hills in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. I entered there in a yellow pencil skirt, a green tank top, high heels and a little shrug, looking, I hoped, adequately dressed for a semi-formal affair. I was expecting Cheesecake factory. I was expecting karaoke bar at most.

It was a black-tie restaurant.

Let me reiterate: black-tie restaurant.

I was not in black.

I was the rainbow.

I met my friends and friends of friends. Apparently, everyone (but me) had got the memo.


But, as is my style, I smiled, said ‘whatever’ to myself, introduced my surprise at the invite and the confusion regarding my outfit and went to seat myself.

In some time, awkwardness was forgotten. Small-portioned appetizers (really small-portioned) and drinks were introduced. I looked around and felt supremely under-aged. Everyone was at least in their mid-thirties. We were the youngest table there. It made me feel very polished (and inspired good behavior).

A lady came out to sing. She was beautiful and had white velvet gloves on (along with a diamond bracelet). She wore a sparkly gown embroidered to glory. It was surreal!  She sung classics by Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. I sang along to, surprisingly, quite  few of the songs! I had no idea I knew so many! 😀

The only vegetarian options for me were (surprise!) salads. I chose a market fresh salad. Trader Joe’s does it better, frankly. 😛 But for dessert, I had a bitter chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. It was the best part of my meal, hands down!

All in all, it was a fantastic experience. I recommend it to anyone who wants an old-school, chilled-out experience and a chance to whip out formal wear! Also, eat something before you arrive. The portions would satisfy a bird or a three-month old baby. 😛 And oh yea, a three course meal would land you a $60 tab in the least. Come early (like 7 Pm early)! Enjoy! xoxo ❤

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