Oh! No Dear…

I like dearie.

I like lovely.

I can tolerate sweetheart (if used by a girl). Not sweetie. Definitely not sweetie spelled as sweety. (Really?!)

But what absolutely gets on my nerve is dear (Oh, I cringe even as I write it).

Doesn’t matter who says it. The only time it’s acceptable is in reference to the animal or in old letters or as an exclamation. Really. I’m serious. It’s frustrating when people on facebook use it, especially coming from people you’ve never met. No, I’m not your ‘dear’. I’m not your ‘sweatheart’. I’m not your ‘honey’. @_@

Girl, lady, or woman will do fine, thank you very much.

Yes, it’s a personal preference, which, I’m putting on a public platform. But it’s come to a boiling point and I just had to vent. Please people! Create better salutations. After all, a terrible first impression may cause you a Facebook friendship. And (oh dearie, dear, dear!) whatever would we be without those?

Is there a word you can’t stand? Share!


  1. I never like it when people use the word whore. In my experience, whenever people have used that word, it was like the very word gave them permission to think of someone else as something below human. My dad was recently watching a western and they said it many times. I couldn’t help but cringe.


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