Once Upon A Hiatus


Hello lovely people from a far away land! My apologies for my week(ish) long hiatus. I have reasons of epic proportions if you wish to read on…

The evil witch from the land of Influenza entrapped my blogging powers with fever, watery eyes, lack of concentration and sneezes that caused minor earthquakes in the land of Northern Hollywood. During the course of this week long viral battle, I decided that the only way to kill an evil witch is by arming myself with some serious knowledge of fairytales.

Enter: Once Upon a Time marathon.

I watched and took notes of stories well known about evil, good and the power of true love’s first kiss, interrupted only by flu-medicine-induced-sleep and tedious rituals.

Alright, you got me! I’m a sucker for fairytales. Literally. A. Sucker. I can drop everything to read or watch a fairytale. And no, I’m not trying to hide from reality. And no, I’m don’t imagine myself as Cinderella (okay, maybe Princess Jasmine). 😛

Anyone who thinks fairytales are simple are right. But they aren’t in the least bit simplistic. Yes, in fairytales, good always wins, evil is all evil (a 100% of the time) and love’s true kiss cures all problems. But what they teach us are major lessons in living and conquering the challenges that impose on us as we travel our roads in life.

What lessons you ask?

Lessons like: Don’t lie or you will lose what you love, don’t give up because your prince is on his way, love uncondionally because it heals all injuries, be good especially when it hurts most, take on crazy tasks because you might, by nature’s will or pure dumb luck, make it work.

Oh yea. Life saving stuff if you ask me.

Needless to say, Once Upon a Time saved me from a flu-induced coma. I loved it! Starry-eyes and a-song-in-my-heart loved it! My favorite characters are Jiminy Cricket and Rumpelstiltskin. They’re under-explored characters finally given their dues. I loved the fact that Jiminy, despite late in his life, finally finds courage to stand up to the wicked witch. There is no age for courage. And no age for a new beginning. ❤

My favorite quote in the series comes from Rumpelstiltskin. He says, ‘If you can bottle love, you can do anything.’ How true. It would truly be the end of all our misery if you think about it. ❤ ❤

I won my viral war with renewed faith in magic and happy endings, not to mention a great tale of my own! ;P

Until next time dearies…  ❤

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