Self Pity, Batman & Country Music


I love batman. No, it isn’t Christian Bale’s deep modulated voice (or jawline). It’s the fact that Batman was self made. He wasn’t bitten or exposed to alpha radiation. He chose to use his traumatic experiences as a child to become a hero, saving Gotham in the process.

How many of us do that? Use trauma as a weapon? 
We often use it as a shield. A shield of self pity. Shying behind the bad events and using them as excuses to not act, or worse, to sink into depression (or in my case, into the couch with a pint of Häagen-Daz). We tell stories of them to induce sympathy and tell ourselves that this event is the reason why things will never be right in the world. 
But that’s really a situation of, ‘So what? Now what?’.
Someone betrayed you? Trust wisely. Keep valuable information to yourself. Maybe write a blog on it (like I did). This is nature’s way of saying, ‘out with the old, in with the new!’ Keep your heart and eyes open!
Someone break your heart? Use this opportunity to shape your career, yourself or your surroundings. Take a break. Do not go back to your ex! While you’re at it, make country music à la Taylor Swift and make millions from the experience!
Someone said you weren’t good enough? Ha! Well thats easy. If the challenge matters to you, prove them wrong (or join a beauty pageant like me and leave the haters gaping!). 
You see where I’m going with this? 
In the words of the wise rappers of the world, ‘hater’s gonna hate’.
Don’t lose your stride over them. Don’t even flinch.

Get perspective. Unleash your own batman. Help save this world. One that could use some saving.



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