Bright Lights & Pop Stars

Its Me & the Music

Lights, a gorgeous stage, pumping music, and Red Bull. That was the scene at the Enrique concert that I went to, two days ago. 

The music was limited and the vocals questionable. But what was, without question, the best thing about the concert, was the enormous energy. People WANTED to have a good time. And they were willing to fight for it. It was a war zone. Everyone scrambling to get to the ramp, using all possible tactics, hoping they would be picked to go onstage with the hot pop star. My scars prove I was one of them. It was epic. 

I realized, then, that I LOVE concerts. Not because of the the quality of music  (you would have better luck with your iPod and Skullcandy headphones with a bass boost <3) or a chance to go onstage with the artist. I love it because for those few hours, its just me and the music, amplified by crazy energy. I love it because it is all-consuming, making me forget about everything else. 
So, beloved audience, no matter your taste in music, watch music live and ROCK ON!

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