How Are YOU Doing?

I spent my afternoon at a five-star hotel and realized what I loved about it. I loved that every person (whether working for the property, or staying at the property) made eye contact and smiled. They were courteous and polite. 

It was no different from my experience in Alaska where people genuinely wanted to get to know ‘how you are’ and ‘how your day is going’ or ‘what brings you to Alaska’. It was one of the reasons I want to build a house there one day :)!!! It is also akin to my experience in India (well, atleast most of the time, unless people are trying to dodge shady folks on the road, which is understandable). 

Seriously though! People shouldn’t be scared to look at other people in the eyes and smile. It doesn’t suck out your soul or anything. Just saying. ❤️ Shilpa

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