My Daddy Taught Me


Today, on my dad’s birthday, I just wanted to share four wise things he has inculcated in my sister and I (always through his actions, never just words):

Integrity above Individuality. Standing for something is better than swaying every-which way. Even though I’m in search for many many answers, every experience I have must be founded on what I truly believe in.

I don’t have to put myself first to be important. My (and my sister’s :D) dad is a BOSS. But he never takes credit. He enables. He steps down. More importantly, he puts people first, in order to let their true natures blossom (even though sometimes they blossom in ways that are less palatable lol). His quiet demeanor is the mark of a true leader: a person who lets people ‘do them’ to their very best abilities.

Karma takes care of it. I remember incidences when I was younger and people would mouth off nasty things. My dad would tell me to just shake it off (and always with a smile on his face). He always tells me that what you do is the only thing within your control. Everything else will run it’s course. And that’s where the secret of life lies: if you’re truly doing your best all the time and treating people well, you create a life that you’re always satisfied with. Karma does take care of all those factors that make life a little less awesome. You better believe it!

Most Importantly, stay humble, stay adventurous and stay happy. It’s all within you!!!

Love you daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! God bless you and your every endeavor. ❤ Shilpa

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