Ten Reasons Life Without Notifications is Better

Life With No Notifications
It’s been two days since I last checked my social media.

Due to an error when I updated my OS, all my notifications got disabled. After the initial panic, I realized that I’ve never been happier. It also sparked the following observations:

1) No update, post or message is as urgent as it seems (if something is that important, someone will call me).

2) I don’t need to know what everyone is doing all the time. I’m good.

3) I can get by with checking my messages and social media updates once a day. I will manage to stay in touch and not offend people with my lack of inmediate interest in their cat video or witty update about their job or political inclinations. I will not become irrelevant because of these actions.

4) it’s nice not to be led by my technology. I will no longer react to beeps and vibrations on my phone. I am not a trained animal. (Well, I am trained in basic mannerisms and all… Just not by media-makers.)

5) My real life is not limited to pixels.

6) I can actually experience things without getting interrupted.

7) I’m not pseudo-experiencing things just because it photographs like fun. Ugh. You know it people… Most of those #bbfs are #fake (and so is that smile). #disillusioned

8) Life is happening now. No really. That clock on my wall isn’t lying. Neither is that calendar. 😉 #tbt can’t help me actually go back in time… (I wish)!

9) & 10) I’m freeeeeee!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!!

❤️ Shilpa

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