The Rings Of Hell Or Something Like It

Homelessness in Los. Angeles

I’ve lived on Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles for the almost a year now, and everyday, for the past three hundred or so days, I see a homeless man sitting (almost always passed out) along the bridge that overlooks the freeway. He always covers his face with a dirty grey cloth and just lies there, never asking or communicating with any passerbys who work in the surrounding areas. I’ve seen this man whither away over the past year in front of my eyes and it just curdles my blood to think what he must be going through. Despite several attempts at communicating with him, it seems that I’m no closer to helping him.

Worse yet, over the past six months, homeless tents have sprouted over and under bridges all over downtown. The economy is brutal. Once u lose a job or a home or the will to live, it feels like a downward spiral into the rings of Hell. The soup kitchens can only sustain a limited number of people. What does an average person such as myself do to help? What would you do? #staygrateful #lendahelpinghand

NOTE: Just wanted to give a shout out to ‘Feeding America‘, specifically the Tony Robbin’s 100 Million Meals Challenge


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