Here Birdy

Birdman, By Alejandro G Inarritu was a trip. I want to say the obvious: Michael Keaton is a genius; Edward Norton is a genius; Everyone in the film is so on-point that it’s like watching a perfect symphony; If you haven’t seen it, do so…

But… you can find that on a movie review anywhere…

For me…

Birdman is a representation of the ego in us, heightened with tremendous subtext for cinematic metaphor. It’s the negative berration we subject ourselves to every single day. It’s the ‘superhuman’ in our heads that we want to become. It’s our desire for immortality, constantly prodding us toward the devastating thought that all of our pursuits might never amount to anything. That one day, we will fade away…

But to save ourselves from Birdman, we don’t have to jump off the ledge, we just have to disassociate ourselves from the outcomes of our actions. Birdman will let us fly only when we don’t care anymore. When we’re just as content being grounded as we are flying…  ❤ Shilpa

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