Chin Up, Head Down

I grew up seeing my dad work day in and day out. I grew up seeing my mom work alongside him. No complaints. Only faith.

Chin up, head down.

The immigrant mentality.

Today, I am surrounded with a very different set of people. The privileged. People who actually got something when they complained. It’s bizarre to me. Complain? To whom? For what? If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, accept it. That’s the rule.

I want to shake these people. Wake them up. How can you miss the world around you? Do you think that a kid in poverty can cry his way out of thirst? Do you think that a person in pain can whine his way out of pain? Did they deserve this? No. No. NO!

No matter how life has served you, complaining is not a solution. And if venting releases your stress, I would suggest doing to to your least favorite stuffed toy. No one deserves to be the sounding board for relentless negativity. It’s just not fair.

I like to complain too. But I fight it. Somedays better than others. But it’s possible to live a life without hostility. Just decide.

Chin up, head down.

Life is happening now, whether we agree with it or not. ❤

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  1. In every unit of people- be it family or organization or state, one can behave (on average) as beneficiary or benefactor. The unit grows when there are more benefactors and it falls when there are more beneficiaries. One reason why the US has grown is because immigrants (including the founding members)- on average—tend to be of benefactor type. And yes, as you said, if indeed things are not fair, just move on, create your own org or join forces with those where performance is valued.


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