People are the …

People are the prettiest when they talk with passion in their eyes.

Beauty was an elusive golden promise when I was a child (i.e. puberty saved my life). And since I didn’t have it, I spent a lot of time searching for it. Enough time to have tried and tested what most would say are the standard equations to beauty. After all these years, all I can say is that when someone approaches you, no matter how beautifully put together, with a vacant expression, their beauty somehow diminishes. Like a cup of cappuccino, the froth quickly dissipates to reveal a sad little puddle of expresso. But what happens when someone approaches you, regardless of their superficial fortune, with passion in their eyes? Once they have your attention, you’ll never turn away.

I truly believe that passion is what inspires, creates and sustains. That’s why it’s so beautiful…

So, to all the li’l boy and girls who want to be beautiful. Paint a smile, wear passion & #BedazzleForLife

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