The Greatest Story


It’s my parent’s anniversary today and it just made me think about the beauty of finding that other half that completes you for the better or worse. My parents have made it for over two decades and it’s a huge umbrella of hope against the the torrential rain of heartbreaks and weak relationships that flood LA (which, otherwise, is a very dry and sunny city ;)). If there is any lesson in their relationship, it’s that you must have a solid premise before you write your love story.

Their premise might have been: Staying together through thick & thin, through rich & poor, through ups & downs, through mental/ physical/ natural disasters, through distractions, through bad relations and scary in-laws, through terrible work schedules, through mood swings, through unpredictabilities, across seven seas & despite human weaknesses.

Not to mention, alongside two incredibly spirited children 😛

I hope everyone can write a premise that allows them security when they need it most. It’s the best gift for a person I think: To never be alone.

Love you mom and dad! ❤


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