Of Childish Things

I read an article by an awesome blogger about his childhood and how he’s changed since then. How at this point in his life, what he conjures up in his imagination is the only thing that lives up to his expectations. How in his written world, he can escape the physics that grounds his reality. I agree to an extent. Our imagination is where we fly. Where we entertain the wild. Where things take fantastical shape and proportions. Where we perform alchemy and turn lead into gold.

But what I counter him with is this. Most achievement and innovation is a result of the childlike belief and naiveté we are born with. Before we get jaded by ‘experiences’ or, more often, fear. Only when you are young can you start to imagine the possibility of the impossible. And when that desire to make the impossiblity a possibility comes to a boil, bubbles of creativity and action allow it’s actualization. Ask anyone you think has achieved something. They will probably pin-point an event in their childhood. Now ask them what held them back. It’s probably something that happened to them later on. Something that led to inertia, complacency, disbelief or cynicism.

So, what I say is that at any point in life, it’s good to have your childhood goggles on. They allow you to escape from the confines of your experiences. Because what you have lived doesn’t have to be how you live today onwards… ❤

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