You Moved My Cheese!

Courtesy: Who Moved My Cheese by Doctor Spencer Johnson

I just spent the last few minutes reading a very delicious book. I wanted to share the takeaway from my adventure. I, like many people, am a slave to the habits I have cultivated over the past years of my life. And like any individual running the rat race (or a mice race in this case :P), I try to fine tune some habits and banish others because they don’t quite serve a purpose for me anymore. It’s tough. Change. It’s scary. Paralyzing. Often times, in the beginning of the cultivation of new habits, there is traction and retraction. More fear. More worry. Then, I just want to rush back to my mom’s hug and become a kid. But eventually, the change beckons again. It’s tough to want something and have knowledge and fear and other’s fear and past experiences to deter you. But what’s tougher is living with old molded cheese that will only kill you slowly.

I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to read this little delightful book. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it lifts you up to the possibility of change.

Have a very happy sunday everyone! I hope you all enjoy new cheese this coming week! ❤

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