Let There Be Gas!

Hot showers.

Dry clothes.

Hot meals.


Did you know that the dryer and shower need gas? Yea they do. We found out. And oh! How we found out!

I woke up on february 25th, desiring some hot coffee. The lighter clicked and clicked to no avail. There was no flame on my stove. ‘OK,’ I thought. Maybe it’s something in the building. I put on some presentable clothes and went to Porto’s and grabbed some until my roommates woke up.

In the afternoon, we convened and to my greatest surprise, we realized we didn’t have gas because we didn’t confirm a certain document.

Alright, I thought. We’ll just hop there and get it sorted. We hopped alright. We hopped, skipped and jumped. The gas folks wouldn’t have it.

‘March 13th, miss,’ said the lady at the counter.

‘March 13th, miss,’ said a very disapproving voice on the phone.

I won’t lie, I tried to bribe them on the 5th of march.

Well, march 13th it was.

What ensued was painfully prickly cold showers, eating fruits, salads, maggi or microwaved scrambled eggs and drying clothes on hangers or at least 3 times in the dryer. What ensued was the pouring of endless dollars on hot food that tasted a fraction of what it could. What ensued was running to the gym just so I could have some warm water on my sour muscles after a hard workout.

On the 13th of march, I woke up at 7 AM. I took a hot shower (twice during the day, just to be sure), cooked hot food (I didn’t remember how good sautéed vegetables were) and snuggled with the warm clothes freshly out of the dryer. Gratitude never smelled, felt or tasted that good. ❤

P.S. Don’t mess with the gas folks. They have no empathy.

P.P.S. Don’t procrastinate. That whole last minute save only works 99% of the time. The other one percent, you end up with the flu forced to take cold showers. :/

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