This Valentine’s, Love Your Fool

Love Your Fool

Dear (love)ly readers,

Valentines, albeit it’s commerciality, is a great day for celebrating what holds the treads of humanity together: LOVE! Good old-fashioned love. But, often, we love the tyrant in ourselves and others. The part that keeps stomping on our dreams and hopes and beliefs for ‘realism’. The one that embraces company that lets you down. The one that allows partners to humiliate and abuse. The one that comes dressed up in words like ‘self-control’ and ‘mature’ and sounds like sarcasm.

Don’t love that tyrant. It will reduce you to a sort-of-getting-there human being with happiness sucked right out of your system.

This valentines day, glorious readers, love your fool! The one that hurts, feels, makes massive errors, and loves. Truly loves. Without the need for gifts. Without the need for recognition. The quiet, unbounded and resolute love. The unconditional love.

Love truly this valentines day. Love the fool in you and the fool in others! And watch real cupid magic… ❤


Shilpa Tripathi

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