Humor: Good!


I got an email from a distant connection about the non-existence of the planet Nibiru (regarding my blog on the 20th) on the 21st of december.


Really? I had no idea. @_@

This connection also went on to seriously argue how world will not end.

Huh! So, I’m actually going to have to bear the results of my 5000 calorie feast on the 21st? 😦 Nooooo!

It was a joke! Please laugh! Or at least crack a smile. (Perhaps, while you process that, I’ll request the guys at Apple to create an ‘its a joke’ font, so confusion will cease regarding intent. That way we can all win!)

I’m pretty sure that the above statements will be regarded with the same dry perspective by this connection. To him, difference in the society must be made with a somber expression. And that, to me, is truly sad.

I think people with true purpose and character should be confident enough in their cause to take a joke and to develop wit. You can’t reach people through always being ‘correct’ and donning a serious expression. You need to be able to charm people’s intelligence and appeal to their conscience with humor and sincerity to build teams. Teams that can then tackle higher callings. That’s why the charismatic people of the world lead, regardless of their brilliance. Brilliance is sometimes scary and often alienating. Humor helps find a middle ground where everyone can feel connected on a core level that has nothing to do with brain capabilities. Einstein, Wilde and Churchill married humor and intelligence perfectly and look what a difference they made!

So, as you build your cause, build your humor. Because a smile goes straight to the heart!<3



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