Picture Not So Perfect

Okay, I’ll skip the sugar coat. I just don’t get the crazy click-and-upload-direct-to-facebook revolution that’s happening. It’s great in doses, but, really, overexposure anyone?

Why must we digitally document every possible second of our group-scapades (yes, I’m exercising my blogger’s right to creating new terms)? And why must they all be posed or imposed (or I daresay, super-imposed)?

The observer can never be a hundred percent in the moment. That’s why there are note takers in court! If everyone in the courtroom decided to take notes, well, participation would be up for a toss and justice would be quite a spectacle.

Isn’t experience created by emotion, not documentation?

I wonder. Is our brain not trained to hold images anymore? Or are brain images not enough memories to last a lifetime? Must the bitmaps of our images have to linger in the shallows of social networking sites for us to deem it ‘a great time’?

Perhaps it’s actually like how it is in Gossip Girl. In the world where the sense of sight dominates, you can’t prove something that’s not visible. Proof creates perception and perception is the key to the society. Control perception. Control society. Control the world…

(You know you love me. XOXO. Gossip Girl!)


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