Uh Duh! Right?

You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it. -Carl Jung

I’ve been contemplating this thought for quite a while and every time I read it, it disturbs me enough that I have to distract myself before I over-think. It’s a pretty ‘duh!’ statement. Something that resonates with our common sense. History knows, every problem or situation in history has only been solved when some weirdo decided he/she should take different stab at it. Yet, for our common day problems, we scarcely move out of our general zone of conscience. Perhaps, like any other change, we resist it due to inertia. Or perhaps, it’s because it entails taking a risk and combating fears, both things appreciated in stories but not quite in reality. So, I’ve decided to try this theory out. I’m not sure what problem I’ll combat or how exactly I’ll know if I’ve used a different level of consciousness. But, I guess if I reach the goal/ solve the problem, it should mean that it works. I’ll definitely let you in on the adventure but it would be fun if you try it too! ❤

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