Love, Peace, Tangents baby!

From Point to Space

When I was learning about tangents in maths, it was a concept of humor. ‘Don’t be a tangent!’ We would laugh. ‘That theory was tangent to my head,’ we would lament.

Tangent: A line that touches but doesn’t intersect.

Touches but doesn’t intersect.

When you think about the consequence of such a line, it’s phenomenal. It’s not separated. It’s not in it’s own dimension. It’s still a part of that world/ space/ point. But  it doesn’t take part in all of the world’s/ space’s activity. It doesn’t confine to all of it’s rules and dogmas. It’s free spirited with responsibilities (I know I’m stretching the limit of the definition but stay with me).

It’s such a quality that maybe the key to a quality life. If we can all fulfill our responsibilities as children of Mother Earth, yet adhere to the callings of our spirit, it would less likely point us the wrong way. It would make our society a place of gathering and celebration rather than a place of crime and judgement. It would give us freedom. Precious freedom.

I know what you’re thinking. That stuff worked in the 70’s Shilpa! Great theory girl! Great, irrelevant and loopholed theory!

But, this theory isn’t all that tangential (pun intended). Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and so many others have lived fulfilling lives as tangents to the society (until their relevance to the same society made them legends).

Maybe I’m deluded but I can’t help but imagine how it would be if we all connected at points and soon after went our own ways…

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