And That’s the Way It Is

You know when you want something really bad? You chase it. You wait with bated breath for it. You ask the universe for it and then to all the local Gods and Goddesses for good measure. ‘Please. Please. PLEASE!’ You beg. ‘If you give me this… then I will…’ You bargain. ‘I did that fast for you!’ You threaten.

No good. You still don’t get that thing.

Then you go through regret, depression, withdrawal and then finally you bury it in the depths of your mind, wanting to move on.

You pick a new obsession.

Well guess what? Your wish is granted! Just like that!

You say to yourself, ‘well, that’s great! i don’t even want it anymore!’ But you did. And it came in due time. Now you have to deal with it.

And that’s the way it is folks. You will always get what you desire. In it’s time. Mostly when you don’t care for it anymore. But you will.

And then, it will be a matter of whether you chose to keep it, run with it or throw it away…

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