Can I order communication with a side of manners?

Hello. How are you?

I received an email from a close friend of mine. She is a brilliant girl and a great saleswoman. She’s good at wording her thoughts and she has a habit of getting to the point. Fast. Maybe, a little too fast. Let’s just say she doesn’t believe in pleasantries. 

In this world of quick communication and packed schedules, is it agreeable to be disagreeable? 
Is it fine to forget your manners? 
Is it better to be concise than nice?

I am an advocate for swiftness of communication of any kind. After all, fluff is, and will always be, a deterrent. But with manners, there is a somewhat of a grey line. 
Personally, someone who doesn’t have time for a genuine (and quick) ‘hi, how are you’ simply lives in a bubble. If we do live in a world where communication is essential, sympathy becomes somewhat critical. After all, who doesn’t like it when someone gives them a helping hand? A considering nod? A smile? 
Weren’t manners created out of sympathy? To give due consideration to others? To reach out? Aren’t they called pleasantries because, well, they make the conversation pleasant?
Even though we no longer prefer spending paragraphs explaining a line’s worth of information, perhaps we could extent it to a line and a half.
We have to communicate anyway. Why not make it nice? 

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