Paint It Red!

Oh So Red!

Audrey Hepburn said that there is a shade of red for every woman.

I most vehemently agree.

I went out with a friend of mine four days ago. We were just washing our hands after eating a delicious meal, when I realized that I also ate my red lipstick along with the potato wedges. Yikes!
‘What a wreck! I can never keep my lipstick on! I’d probably need a fixative to make it work. The kind they use on pastel paintings.’ I lamented.
‘I didn’t think that red lipstick would suit me. But then I saw you. It looks so good.’ she said shyly.
‘Really? You’re missing out. Red not only makes for a great pout. It can put an outfit together.’ I said.
She did just that. And boy did she look fabulous.
So ladies, no matter what shade of brown you are, always remember that there is a shade of red made for you.
So go on.
Paint it red!


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