Along the Pacific Coast Highway in Three Days (Mostly In Pictures, Coz Who Needs Words?) 2/3

Follow me on my 3 day pacific coast highway road trip and plan one for yourself! 2/3
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Our last stop on day one was Carlton Hotel (you can see the first post in the series here), where, in the morning, we found a delicious breakfast at Black Porch Bakery. Again, (surprise!) a cafe! If I lived there, this cafe would definitely be a haunt! šŸ™‚

After checking out, we backtracked Ā to see the spectacular Morro Rock. Trust me, the pictures don’t do the area justice. I could have spent the entire day there! It was beautiful.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_morro - 28
Pacific Coast Roadtrip: Day 2 Morro Rock

Then, there was the Brown Butter Cookie Company. Expensive, local, buttery goodness!

The sweet treatĀ readied us for the gorgeous eye candy that would follow. We were absolutely blown away by the magnificence and beauty of Hearst Castle. The man and his wife created not only an empire, but a brilliant legacy. I secretly made a wish that I would be inspired by the muse that inspired him! ā¤ #mindblown

On the way to Monterey, we spotted the stunningĀ McWay Falls.

Shilpa_Tripathi_PCH_RoadTrip_hearst&monterey - 22.jpg

The drive to Monterey was gorgeous but my GoPro let me down and captured mostly the dashboard of our car! Then, we checked into one of my favorite hotels-ever! The Spin Drift Inn located beachfront on Cannery Row in Monterey. We were greeted with ‘happy hour’ at the lobby!Ā 

For dinner, I really wanted Mexican Food. We found La Bahia and their delicious Enchiladas! Yummy! Did I mention there was a brownie sundae from Ghirardelli that followed? Yep!

Thanks for reading!!! Hope you’re planning the coastalĀ trip for yourself!Ā (You can readĀ the first post in the seriesĀ here)

Again, I would like to thankĀ California Through my LensĀ and Josh’s blogs onĀ Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Road Trip Day Guide. #checkitout

CLICK FOR: Part 1/3| Part 3/3




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