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Of Societies & Fairytales

Societies start with fairytales. Change a fairytale, change the future. <3 Shilpa
Societies start with fairytales. Change a fairytale, change the future. ❤ Shilpa

What’s in a fairytale? Everything.

The books we read weave the dreams we see. We can only dream of walking on water after hearing that Lord Rama did it. We can only dream of turning into a princess after hearing that Cinderella had help! We can only believe in the power of the color red after hearing how it helped villagers save themselves from Nian the monster.

These fairytales remind us of underlying trends in the society too. Girls need princes and saving. Princes are handsome. If not handsome than definitely rich a la Beauty and the Beast. Luck plays a huge role in how life turns out. Some entity out there will save us, absolving us from all control over our environment and lives… And so on…

We need new fairytales.

Ones that tell us that we can be strong, sufficient human beings who have power and responsibility over our surroundings. Infact responsibility should really be a theme in fairytales. How about the theme of mother Earth aging and degrading?

Even when we look at Fox News, we see the terrifying power of fairytales. Who are these people spinning tales that paint people in the color blue and ridding themselves of all blame?

We need, more than ever, stories that empower us with verifiable truth.

We need storytellers who we can believe in and who will tell us tales of the power each person possesses and how discipline and passion marry to make superior beings.

Will that be you?


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