Best. Present. Ever.

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It’s my birthday! WOHOO! ❤

This year, birthday blues turned to birthday bliss turned to birthday memories…. One’s that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I had a teacher in high school who shared something at a time in my life when I was hungry to be a wave of change in this world (I still am today). She said that even if she feels like she hasn’t contributed anything the whole year, she finds the time/ money to make a difference in people’s lives on her birthday. So whether it was her birthday or of someone special in her life, she would donate her time or money every year. I carried that with me. For several years now, I’ve decided that my special day should become special for someone else.

This year, I found an opportunity to gift fifty kids vaccination. It’s not a lot but it made me feel pretty darn good. Not to mention, my prayers are that those vaccinations give some kids an opportunity to survive (maybe a future leader/ caregiver/ inventor XD :* ).

So, incase you feel like you want to be a superhero for your birthday (or any other time of the year)… or maybe just give an inspired gift to someone who needs a few blessings, you should check out http://inspiredgifts.unicefusa.org.

❤ you all very much! Thanks for reading!

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