You Can’t Make Homes Out Of People

You can’t make homes out of people…

Just saw this amazing incerpt from Waran Shire’s For Women Who Are Difficult To Love. It’s so true that I can’t express how true it is in mere words. Any relationship that can only exist on the terms and condition of you not being you is bound to crumble. ANY relationship. So even though we read that to make friends we have to let go of a lot of things that make us less agreeable, knowing that those relationships won’t last, should empower us to find those who find value in our weirdness. No?

If You’re interested reading the poem for yourself, http://genius.com/Warsan-shire-for-women-who-are-difficult-to-love-annotated or you can follow her blog and see her amazing video for the same http://warsanshire.blogspot.co.uk #stayyou #dontholdontootight

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