Self-Portrait (Or So It Seems)

Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi
Self Portrait By Shilpa Tripathi

This is my very first Self Portrait.

Why? I have too many pictures of me.

So whats this painting about, you ask?

You can’t photograph that!

Also, I guess once every twenty-or-so years, is almost kind of mandatory.

So what’s with the flames? Well this was supposed to be a painting of Sati. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hindu mythology, Sati was Shiva’s wife (the God of destruction). I wanted to represent the story where she jumped into the flames of her father’s ceremonial pyre to represent her faith and love for Shiva.

On reflection, I realized that I have jumped into the pyre for my beliefs too. And so have many other courageous girls and women I know of. Before I knew it, I started feeling that Sati’s story represents that of every woman (or individuals, really): Those who jump into the fire for what they love.

Soon, the painting started to evolve as a representation of the sacrifices we make for our love, faith and belief and how every time we jump, we rise like a phoenix: More beautiful and stronger than ever before.

Though it’s a self portrait, I dedicate it to every woman (shout-out to my my mom, sister & grandma). ❤ Shilpa


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