Orchids & The Theory of Things

Orchid's View

Shilpa: ‘My Orchid is so beautiful! Isn’t it?’

Friend: ‘Why’s that, Shilpa?’

S: ‘Wow… Umm…Because it’s delicate, colorful, soft, textured…’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s pleasing to the eyes?’

F: ‘No.’

S: ‘Because it’s vulnerable yet valiant?’

F: ‘Nope. Very poetic of you, but no.’

S: ‘OK, smartypants. Why is my orchid beautiful?’

F: ‘It’s because, in comparison to every other foliage you know of, the orchid is one of the most pleasing to the eyes.’

S: ‘Isn’t that what I said?’

F: ‘Nope. I’m saying that the orchid is beautiful by comparison. If every other plant was prettier than it, it would pale in comparison. But isn’t that true about everything we know? Through comparison?’

S: ‘So how would it be if we stopped comparing things? Where would that take humanity, do you think?’

F: ‘Probably in circles until we started comparing again…’

S: ‘Touche, Friend. Touche…’ ❤ Shilpa

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