It’s The New Year Girl… Bake Better

I remember being coached by my Idol a few years ago. She said,”You and me are similar because we have one thing that no one can buy or learn. We’re attractive. We’re not encumbered by beauty. We’re empowered by it. When you learn, Shilpa, how to charge a room by your sheer presence. That day you would have learnt the true power of this attractiveness. That, my dear, will come with age.”

To this day, I wonder when I will develop these super-powers. Maybe it’ll hit me like a lightening bolt. Maybe it’ll creep up on me like a habit… (Can’t wait for them to unleash though….if you know what I mean…:P XD)


I hope that whichever girl reads my ex-coach’s words really lets them sink in.

I hope that beauty is only the frosting on your cake.

I hope that the ingredients that make you who you are, are sustainable, fearless, powerful and tell an incredible story.

And if they’re not, dump them.

You have a brand new year to start over!

Happy 2015!! ❤ Shilpa

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