It was a regular day. Me and my bestie grabbed a cappuccino at Peets and were heading back home when we saw this tall businessman in a well tailored suit approach a homeless man. ‘I’m lucky to meet you twice today,’ said the businessman, handing the homeless man a couple of bucks. But it wasn’t his act of kindness that made me happy. He went on to ask about his day, genuinely engaging him in a conversation.

I read recently that everyone wants validity. A reason to be alive. Everyone just wants to be seen and heard.

What the businessman did was treat him with the same respect he’d want to get himself.

Money doesn’t make you rich or poor, but it’s this power to change someone’s life that makes me want to push myself harder. How cool is it to have that power? To walk into someone’s life and give them an opportunity? A fighting chance? A meal? A smile?

Faith in humanity restored! ā¤


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