Blog Your Dreams


So, I dreamt that I had bought two water filters and I didn’t know which one to use. So I was literally weighing the pros and cons and decided I like my Brita with the bright yellow lid better.


So maybe that’s not the type of dream that’s supposed to be blogged about.

Well, how about I blog about a dream that I have for this world.

These past three weeks (explaining my being MIA), I’ve spent traveling to different parts of California. The sea, the hills and the valley. And looking at all the splendor of the state, I couldn’t help but hope that our future generations get to experience nature like us. It’s magnificence, its colors, it’s poetry, it’s sounds and it’s temperaments. So that’s my dream for this world. Not that the world stands still, but that the eyes that see ‘progress’ are not myopic. That the hands that build great architecture pause before they drill into the rocks that support our existence. And that words that instill motivation in the human race can do so with a clear conscience. ❤

<3<3<3 I hope you  blog about your dreams today. And share them with me! I’d love to read them!

P.S. Happy 2014 everyone!


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