Voicemail? Garden? Too Many Metaphors Maybe.


I once blogged a quote:

When the past calls, let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say.

I also blogged about living in a garden. About letting everyone and everything, regardless of their part in your life, grow and change around you.

The two blogs are contradictory aren’t they? And yet. Both are true, situationally. 

Today, my past came calling. And it left a gut wrenching voicemail.

But I didn’t want it to go to voicemail. I wanted to take the call. I wanted that piece of my history, which had become a memory in a showroom, to grow in the garden of my present life. Maybe my past will say nothing new. Maybe it would just end up resulting in the unbecoming of an optimistic mind. Or maybe, the past has grown as I have and it really does have something new to say…

❤ Shilpa


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