Sweet Nothing

Please, do me a favor and don’t fill the silence.

I am sitting next to people, who, in the past half an hour, have been ‘speaking’ without saying a thing. They’re like gorillas. They are loud and make a lot of sound. To me, the product of their efforts is a bunch of gibberish.

It makes me think of all the empty conversations I have had to endure because people don’t have the capacity to hold a dialogue of consequence in a social situation. There are times when I’ve been guilty of the same. But, listening to them seriously makes me reconsider.

Is it really worth sinking your IQ to keep your conversation afloat? [Though, there is an alarming possibility that these people may be displaying the best of their IQ’s.]

Ooh Ooh… Ahh Ahh…It is!

For now, I have headphones.

Thank the divine for modern technology.

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