Daddy’s Li’l Girl

It’s tough for me to word my emotions for my co-creator. But I’m a trier. So I’m gonna try…

Dear Dad,

Thank you for letting me watch you sow seeds of goodness everywhere you go. If your deeds were to come to fruition as trees, you would be responsible for single-handedly defeating global warming!

I still have miles to go before I can even try, in dim hopes, to be a tenth of the human being you are.

But, I hope, one day, karma decides to come around and reward you with every form of bliss known to this planet!

Thank you for being there dad!

Thanks for keeping my picture where your money used to be… 😛 [I can just see mom milking that statement. Free financial advice, here I come!].

Love you! Happy father’s day!



1 comment

  1. Thank you, Shilpa for your thoughts. Thankful to God for making me your father! If indeed I have done good work, I have already got great returns for that.




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