Accio Potter-Heads!

I am, heart and soul, with teeth bared and my right palm facing forward, an ardent Potter fan.

Oh Yes.

I win all wand fights.

And I make it look easy!

Ehem… Rest easy, this isn’t an invitation for a duel. It’s an invitation to observe some fun stuff I found on Pinterest for all you Harry Potter fans. Enjoy!

BTW, the ‘Sumharry’ is the summary of the Harry Potter series in cartoons. Pure genius I think! @_@


Going to the thrift shop?



Stephanie Who?



❤ Team Rocket



Not another ‘yo mama’ joke!



HarryPotter0805112For a detailed image, you can check out :http://www.lelombrik.net/images/45696/sumharry-attn-spoiler.html

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