How To Lose Gas, Waste Time & Crush Dreams


So I had an urge today. It was one of those urges to eat something different. Something delicious.

So I set out in my car to browse around my neighborhood.

Subway? No.


Bob’s Big Boy? Definitely not.

Before I know it, I was on my way towards Sherman Oaks. It’s basically fifteen minutes away by car. But since I was still unsure of what to eat, I took the 101 North exit and started going towards the beach. Before I know it, I forgot to take the right exit. I went half way to Santa Monica before I could take an exit. The exit I took confused me to no end. So, I had to turn on iMap and ask it to tell me the way. All would be good, but I was still confused. So I listened to my GPS for five minutes before chancing an exit based solely on a vague memory of a past excursion. Well, I went a long distance before realizing that the GPS is right. Then I followed the GPS only to realize that I’d typed in the wrong mall. So, I had to re-enter the information and start all over again. This time the GPS did me in and took me in a loop around the neighborhood I was at.

Lets just say that the 15 minute ride turned into a 45 minute nightmare.

I was not even hungry when I reached there.

All in all, this is a great analogy on why we don’t reach life goals. We vaguely think of our goal, get majorly distracted along the way and then blame luck. Yes, we do eventually reach our goal but it’s usually a few minute too late.

So, I’m gonna go chart some stuff out. Later! ❤


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