I Like Your Funny Face


I watched ‘Funny Face’ for the second time yesterday. Unknowingly.

When I chose the movie from my Netflix recommendations, I thought I hadn’t seen it. I was surprised because my Hepburn craze is of such magnitude that I own most of her movies and know most of her lines from ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’.

Somewhere between the first musical number about ‘pink’ and ’empathicalism’, I realized that I’d very much seen the movie before. I also realized that the reason it was erased from my memory was because my disbelief never got suspended the first time around. The movie is way too fantastical, even for the willing audience. Also, I’m not a fan of Mr. Astaire (despite his impeccable dancing abilities).

Anyway, this second time around, things changed.

For starters, I love the expression ‘funny face’. Love it. I think true beauty always has some uniqueness in it. And I think ‘funny’ is a fabulous way of describing that quality.

I loved the set design. It was stunning, especially in Paris. The steam trains. The cathedrals. The ‘Quality Magazine’ office. Jo’s library. Eye candy!

Speaking of eye candy, the dresses in the movie were just…unbelievably dreamy. Drool. This is the time I publicly pray to get an opportunity to wear them.

By the time I reached the number ‘How Long Has It Been Going On?’, I was bouncing in my seat, wanting to dance but not wanting to miss Audrey’s moves. She danced like water, so fluid that you would think it came easily.


Epic moment alert!

So, Audrey is in a French bar and says, ‘I rather feel like expressing myself now’.

Mental recall: GAP commercial with ACDC’s ‘Back In Black’.

Immediate action: Youtubing ‘Gap Audrey’

Replaying one of the most memorable commercials in GAP history.

Awesomeness. 😛

Hey, if a girl wants to dance, a girl wants to dance!


I’d recommend this movie to anyone who loves the following: songs, dance, fashion, the 50’s, Audrey.

Until next time, keep that smile on!


P.S. You can watch the Gap commercial here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_K-GxEk3K0).

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