Lessons From Taken 2

#1 A successful mission to save daughter in the first movie = reconciled family in the second movie.

#2 You should always have shoes with shoelaces when you travel (no heels).

#3 You should have a travel kit with grenades, permanent markers, maps & guns.

#4 You should know how to use (and make) a compass in order to draw a circle (thank you middle school!) and learn how to measure sound. Also, it helps to have impossibly astute powers of observations.

#5 The mafia has a strange (and dogmatic) sense of justice.

#6 You can rely on IPhones (As long as you forget about the 2-year contracts, have insane call roaming or use magical telephone technology that works in 5G even in small confined dungeons).

#7 The neighbor’s closet is a good place to hide (it also helps to be able to stay very still).

#8  Always chose a Mercedes’ cab for a car chase and hope that the bad guy follows you close enough so as to collide into a train.

#9 Maybe it’s a better idea to never go to foreign countries & make enemies with international mafia in the first place (maybe).

#10 A harrowing, near-death car chase will teach you how to perfectly pass a driving test.

Oh, and also, Liam Neeson rocks! ❤

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