Cameron Russell, the winner of genetic lottery and legacy (according to her self-analysis), made an incredible TED talk which got attention because of her frankness. She attacked her talk’s popularity saying that the high number of views on TED reinforce her observation that she is getting attention for the fact that she is white, tall and skinny. This is a girl who got her undergrad from Columbia while minting her legacy. Respect.

Though the topics she encompassed were scattered and numerous, what she later said about the talk is what interested me the most. Amongst many a questions, she asked the audience about what she is ‘allowed’ to talk about, as a model. As a concerned citizen, is she ‘allowed’ to have opinions and express them and will they take away from the experts that have spent time and effort analyzing them?

I constantly run into this barrier as a blogger. There are so many topics I want to explore but often find myself worried of wrong-footing something of critical importance. I also wonder whether my lack of ‘expertise’ or ‘experience’ will be snarled upon, especially considering the fact that I find it distasteful when people with relatively sketchy knowledge of a topic speak about it with baffling conviction and opinion.

But what I feel at the end of the day, is that blogging is a channel that opens up means for expression. So, I guess it’s worth taking the risk of being targeted, for the sake of starting conversation. After all, everyone’s voice, however slight or powerful, echoes through the universe… in it’s own time. Which in turn, produces viable results… in it’s own time. ❤

Here’s the CNN article for those who wish to dig: http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/17/opinion/russell-model-genetic-lottery/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

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