You know when you hear a song, exclaim that it’s terrible, and then go on to hum that song for the rest of the day? Yep that happened to me, K-pop style. Only I made up the words and mostly repeated the english parts. For those of you struggling with the terminology, K-pop is Korean Pop.

OK. So, I’m guilty. I love pop music. My iPod is always filled with the latest JT or Rihanna song. But this pop is…err…different.

It’s American pop meets Hello Kitty. It’s electronic music meets cotton candy. It’s Anime meets (hyper) reality. It’s so bizarre that it’s hard for someone who didn’t grow up on it to fathom. The girls and guys are engineered to look like perfect anime characters and they dance perfectly synced. They’re always smiling and winking. Always. The lighting is so bright and ambient that it hurts the eyes. And the pink. Oh! The Pink. Nicki Minaj would be proud. And oh yea. The music. It’s catchy, of course. Repetition will do that to you. Just ask Timbaland. Or Lady Gaga.

My sister claims that K-pop makes her happy. I can see that. It’s not like the songs talk about soul searching or anything. In that world, the greatest hurdle is having whip cream on your face on your perfect date. @_@ That has to be a sort of release.

So here’s to putting on the K-pop goggles: sugar, tights and everything nice!<3

P.S. Itching for a taste of K-pop? You can youtube SNSD, Wonder Girls, Super Junior or Big Bang. They are apparently the K-pop elite. Happy listening!


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