Hello Goodbye!


Bidding adieu is perhaps one of the most consistent occurrences in my life. So at this point, making a fuss about the travel seems weird to me. Imagine having tearful farewells every time you go down the street. Yes, I travel that often. Okay, maybe a slight bit less.

Every time I come to India, however, I feel like I’m missing some sort of formalities. Like I should be making some grand gestures to indicate my entry and departure. The society here is so tight-knit with such pressure to inform and indicate that if one person is out of the loop, they take it in unintended ways. Fact is, relationship is measured in emotions and intent, not on frequency of communication. That’s a lesson you only learn when your passport is printed with stamps, your iphone is stacked with hundreds of phone numbers and your day filled with stories uncounted (or if you read enough to have mentally done these things).

So, wonderful folks (related and unrelated), just remember that a bye is not even as close to important as a hello that follows. Personally, if it were up to me, I’d never do the ‘bye’s’, only the ‘hellos’. It’s so much more wonderful to smile than to cry. It’s so much more beautiful to start a journey than to end it.

So, hello adventures, new and old. Hello! Hello! Hello!

P.S. To all of my loved ones in India, I can’t wait to see you again! My love is constant even if my presence is variable!

P.P.S. To my lovely readers, I’ll blog the minute I take a breather!


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