Through the Gut & Into the Future


Being born into an Indian family entails many things: Great food, great tans (SPF 500+ please), great hair volume (no backcombing required), great networking opportunities (number of people within one’s family itself can start a business), great heritage, great stories and great spirituality to name a few. It also entails a line-up of women with varying degrees of intuition.

Intuition? Yep. Every Indian woman comes with copious amounts of it and uses it at her discretion, often with the help of ‘I told you so!’.

My grandma reads palms, foreheads and feet to start off with. She can go into specifics of astrology and tell you what may happen in your immediate future. My aunty, the one I had the pleasure to share space with for the past few months, should pretty much trademark the phrase ‘maine kahaa tha naa!’ meaning ‘didn’t I tell you?’. It doesn’t matter if she had, you eventually agree after the tenth time. I’m not even going to get started on my mom.

For someone like me, who has faith but not necessarily of the Indian type (or any specific type for that matter), finds it difficult to give in. There is definitely something you feel in your gut when something is about to happen. For example, day before yesterday, I had a distinct feeling at the pit of my stomach, kind of like butterflies, five minutes before the rickshaw I was riding in barged into another vehicle. The feeling went instantly after the incident. Damage? None to all parties involved, thankfully! Coincidence? Perhaps. Intuition? Hmmp (Raised eyebrows and tentative expression)!

Also, I tend to feel a certain emotion at times before a situation warrants it. Like I’ll be happy way before I get good news. Not only that, and this is the weirdest of them all, I’ve started to dream about future events. Ones that actually come to pass (you can only imagine the déjà vu). Super, super creepy.

Whatever it might be, due to recent events, I’m starting to see glimpses of why all Indian women are so hellbent on believing that they can forecast the future. A victim of experience, I’m starting to slowly nod my head. Umm. Err. Ehem. Sure. Why not?

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  1. ‘Like I’ll be happy way before I get good news’….hmmm…you must be feeling happy now…We’re meeting up for coffee tomorrow 😉


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