The ‘F’ Wor(l)d


There is a reason Lady Gaga sings about it. Fashion is truly fabulous. It’s world is truly riveting. It’s people are truly intriguing.

And this weekend, fashion was calling. I spent it shooting for a new magazine called Klick Fashion. They are a new Indian magazine with delicious printing techniques and interesting news on fashion. I sported a variety of high fashion looks (my hair sported a variety of split ends and dryness but what’s fashion without a little pain?!), all of which the makeup artists created with great technique and lots of gossip (what’s fashion without a little gossip?).

While the sprays sprayed and the brushes painted, I got thinking about what fashion is to those untouched by what’s ‘behind the scenes’. Then, I remembered my first brush with a fashion magazine. The day I flipped the glossy pages of all that’s superficial and idolized. It was like Cinderella, only real (well, as real as it can get). I just drank in everything from what ‘rise’ of jeans to wear to the type of food I should eat to how I should decorate my mansion (I didn’t even know I needed one until then).

I just couldn’t get enough.

I wasn’t allowed to buy magazines for their ‘scandalous’ nature for a while but when my parents finally understood the non-bendiness of my character, they bent their rules for me. What ensued was my very first copy of Femina. Then Instyle. Then Vogue. Now, I subscribe to almost every major name on the market with the convenience of the ipad.

I still can’t get enough.

Because fashion for me, was, and always will be an outlet to express creativity.

It always will be an chance to express individuality.

It always will be an way to express possibility.

A possibility for a girl to feel fabulous in her own skin!

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