Do You… Dare?


Knowledge is frightening. It’s often like getting a lump screened and waiting to find out if it’s cancer. And with the internet, the quantity of knowledge becomes infinite. How do we sort through the non-sense for that nugget of information we seek? Sometimes all you want to do is close your eyes and just hope things will work out. But mostly, a stab in the dark will only make you bleed. Trust me, I’ve bled enough.

Knowledge is the only way I know how to even odds. It’s the only way I can walk into a conversation without being reduced to a wide-eyed imbecile. It’s the only way to reduce vulnerability. The only way to not get scammed.

A lot of us get overwhelmed by words. We get overwhelmed by equations, probabilities and percentages. And we most definitely get overwhelmed with direction. Maps and a compass anyone?

But for me, anything controllable shouldn’t be feared. It should be chased, because at least its visible and graspable.

After all, if you dare to know, you dare to act. And when you dare to act, you dare to change…

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