Go Fast, Go Slow

Fast news, fast cars, fast friendships, fast money and fast boredom.

I want everything now!

Stronger, faster, better!

Familiar, huh?

Well, this speed can be a trick of the eye, darling!

Examples, you ask? Gladly!

You know all those crash diets? The master cleanse? The 7-day diet? The ketogenic diet? The protein diet? The low carb diet? The slow carb diet? The all fruit diet? The no sugar diet? Google them if you’re dazed. Outrageous? Yes they are! And I’ve tried them all in my need for speed…

You know what royally blows about these ‘diets’? The fact that for every fast pound lost, there is a faster bounce back. One that takes weeks to recover from (perhaps less physically and more emotionally). There is truly no accounting for the backward spiral in the diet aftermath. And like any fast-riding-instant-gratification-seeking individual, you feel that the next diet will be the breakthrough. Then? Research. Repeat. @_@

The body that sustains me now has been the cumulation of months of doing whats right. It’s tedious, boring and trying but guess what? No bounce back! Because I’m not on a darned diet! I eat everything that my ancestors would have eaten and work out. That is, home cooked meals and less packaged stuff (and no pseudo-food like protein powder…yuck!). It took me years of fast dieting to figure it out. Years! Alas!

Malcolm Gladwell calculated that it takes around a thousand hours of slogging to create a breakthrough (ask Bill Gates!). The math may be questionable but the theory doesn’t lack. Want anything to last? Take a breath and instead of counting your seconds, make your seconds count …go fast but take it slow…

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